How To Travel Smarter In 2018

We want to help you Travel Better, Travel Cheaper and Travel Smarter In 2018. If you haven't traveled before, 2018 is your chance. And we want to help. So where do you begin?

Stop Making Excuses

It's time to get a plan and to start traveling. You can't travel better in 2018 if you don't travel at all. Don't just say you are going to take vacations and travel, actually do it.

Your trips don't have to be extravagant. But at least plan a weekend trip or one week long trip. Use the vacation time you earn and start traveling.

Where To Go

Some of our favorite places for a long weekend trip include Washington D.C., New York City, Portland (Oregon) and Scottsdale (Arizona). We have weekend guides for all four of those cities (just click on the links).


If you are wanting a longer trip, there are plenty of great options. While Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, much of the island is back up and running and welcoming tourists.  And your tourism dollars will help them recover. We loved Puerto Rico when we visited in 2017. And we've already booked another trip for later this year.

Other great locations include Hawaii, Europe or you can go all out like we did and visit Australia.

How To Travel Smarter

Earn points and miles! If you are flying, staying in hotels, etc. sign-up for their loyalty programs and start earning points and miles for future trips!

Track flight prices and know when to book! Google Flights is one of the best tools out there to track flight prices. It will allow you to search dates, airlines and even the cheapest destinations.

We recommend booking flights about 8-12 weeks in advance. Yes, it can be stressful waiting until a couple months before your trip, but typically this is when you'll get the best pricing. The only exception to this rule is Thanksgiving and Christmas. For holiday travel, you'll want to start tracking those prices now and likely book by May or June (at the latest).

The day of the week trick when booking flights is for the most part true. We track flights on a regular basis and Tuesday and Wednesday tend to be the cheapest days of the week to book airfare.

With most airlines, you can book a flight and cancel for free within 24 hours. So for 24 hours after you book a trip, check the price. If it drops, cancel your flight and rebook it to save money.

And when you are booking travel for more than one person, price the tickets individually and together. Airlines will sometimes charge more if they know you are booking flights for more than one person. It might be cheaper to book two individual tickets rather than booking both tickets together.

Finally, browse for flights in private browsing money. Airlines track your cookies and data. Don't give them a reason to show you higher prices. Browse for flights in private mode so you always see the cheapest, lowest price.

How To Save Money

Traveling can be expensive, but there are definitely ways to save money. Travel Credit Cards are our number one suggestion. Yes, we know credit cards aren't for everyone. And travel credit cards are only beneficial if you can pay off those credit cards each month.

But if you use travel credit cards responsibly, they can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on free travel. In fact the first four trips we are taking in 2018, the hotels were all paid for with points (so they were free!).

Here are some of our favorite travel credit cards for 2018. 

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