Proposal-Where Our Love Began

The Proposal (Day 800)-March 5th, 2015

On March 5th I woke up at 5:45 am to head to work. I needed to be at work early because Brandon had a work board meeting he was supposed to be in attendance at 7:00 am. I woke up to what I thought was a normal day but instead the day of our proposal.

At approximately 8:40 Brandon shows up at my work holding an outfit he tells me "go change, fold your clothes nicely and don't ask questions." I proceeded to the bathroom and my mind began to race…I was not sure what he was up to but I knew I was in for a surprise! I got changed and came out of the bathroom, he said, "get your stuff and finish up anything you need to because you're leaving work."


We arrive in Santa Cruz after a short flight and a pleasant drive. At this point I am so excited after getting to leave work early and being in California where it was 75 degrees that afternoon. We came back to the hotel to change and head off on an "activity" he had planned for us. We start driving and he tells me he needs to make a quick stop, as we pull into Whole Foods. I sit in the car and patiently wait for him to come out.

After leaving Whole Foods we take off driving and he is giving me directions. He usually navigates when we travel and I drive (I was born to drive!) We pull into a parking lot, which appears to be a marina. Brandon then tells me he rented us a sailboat and we are going out on the ocean for our "activity". We get settled in on the boat and neither one of us had ever been sailing before so we both weren't sure what to expect. Brandon puts in a CD and we start listening to some new songs and favorites of ours. We are sailing out on the Pacific Ocean in beautiful California in 75-degree weather with the love of my life and nothing in the world could put me in a bad mood at this point.


I go below deck with Brandon, where he hands me a drink and a snack from his Whole Foods bag. We go back up deck and start enjoying the views from the sailboat. Todd is cruising by marine life and the famous pier in Santa Cruz. The view was incredible and the company was even better. An hour went by and I kept thinking Brandon was going to pop the question but I decided it wasn't happening today and to be patient.

Brandon excuses himself and goes below deck. Soon Brandon returns carrying a book with the saying "The Best Things In Life Are Made With Love" on the front cover. I immediately open the book and start flipping through the pages. The first page reads:


Dear Nicholas,

From the 1st day I met you and took you to Chili's for dinner, I knew that you were the one…

The other pages have numbers on them of how many days we had been together when we made various memories over the last two years. Of course I start crying at the sweet things that were written in this book and laugh at some of our funniest moments. Then this feeling sets in like I am on cloud nine and that Brandon and I with the ocean surrounding us are lost in our own little world. I make it through the book and on one of the last pages of the book it reads:

I Love You Because:

You care about others…


At this point I am balling and I know what Brandon is about to ask me. My answer was ready for his big question! I said yes! After the proposal we then cried and held each other (might even have smooched a couple of times). Then we opened up a bottle of wine and had sushi he had bought at Whole Foods. I think he knows me a little too well, surprising me with more things I like.


It was an amazing weekend in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. This particular weekend will be a weekend that neither of us will ever forget.

Our proposal on Day 800 was one of the best days of my life!