About Us


The Tale of Two Hearts Becoming One... 

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Well, hello there! We are Nick & Brandon (Two Gays) and we have the cutest puppy (Madi). Idaho is where we call home, at least for now. You are probably wondering how it all began.

In August of 2012 Brandon moved from Indiana to Idaho for a job. A few months after moving over 2,000 miles from home to pursue his career, the two of us met on Facebook. During the next few months the two of us got to know each other and decided to go on a date together. Our first date was on December 27th, 2012 and that is how our happily ever after began.

There is never a dull moment in our lives, from traveling the world, to adopting Madi , to getting engaged, to moving from Nick's home town, to getting married ?, and living life to its fullest! We recently got married in Sun Valley, Idaho on September 24, 2016. Our wedding, might have been the most magical day of our lives but our personalities and our love for one another have kept our spark alive. People constantly comment on how we go above and beyond for one another and to just wait until we have been married for a few years but if it is up to us, that will never change.

We support each other in all aspects of life from pushing each other to grow personally, professionally and tackling life's challenges we will always have each other. Life is about experiences and that is why we plan to continuing our life's vacation through traveling the globe before we settle down and get Madi a human.


If only I could really talk...


I am so glad you stopped by. My name is Madi, you probably already know my Dad's (Nick & Brandon). I am a 4 year old Morkie that lives such a tough life. Most days you can find me sleeping in the sun or playing with my favorite toy a baseball from Bark Box.

My dads like to take me on coffee dates, to the dog park and on lots of walks.  I am super spoiled (I mean well loved) by my fur parents. They take good care of me and even take me to Starbucks occasionally to get Pupachinos!