Chobani Cafe-Yogurt Will Never Be The Same

A few weeks ago we were visiting New York City for Labor Day weekend, and we took the opportunity to throughly explore the food scene in the Big Apple. Just like the last trip we took to New York, we visited the Chobani Cafe every day. If you like yogurt it is so easy to fall in love with so many different flavor profiles! We love Greek Yogurt and the Chobani Cafe has forever changed us.


Whether you like sweet, savory or a little of both, the Chobani Cafe has a number of offerings that are sure to get you hooked! Their main feature is greek yogurt creations made from hand-selected artisanal ingredients. They have three types of yogurt creations; sweet, fruit and savory. Besides the yogurt creations they have Smit (Turkish Bread Ring) Sandwiches, salads, breakfast bowls and yogurt drinks. You can see their full menu here.


On our most recent visit we visited the cafe in Soho and Tribeca and were able to try several of their creations. We tried the Fresh Fruit + Granola Creation (seasonal fresh strawberries, signature granola blend and clover honey), the Red Pepper Harissa + Feta Creation (red pepper harissa, feta cheese, fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, served with smit chips), Summer's Harvest Creation (Seasonal-fresh peaches & blackberries, almond crumble, tyme and clover honey) and finally the Mixed Berry Banana Drink (fresh pressed apple, raspberry, blueberry strawberry juices, banana and greek yogurt).


When we were at the Chobani Cafe we also snagged some of their recipe cards so we can try crafting these at home. If you ever have the chance to go experience this for yourself, we highly recommend it! Meanwhile we will be eating all the yogurt...