Our Favorite Coffee Shops - Scottsdale/Phoenix Edition


We love Scottsdale, but visiting in the summer time can be extremely hot. So we enjoyed several iced lattes to help cool us down on our weekend wanderings Scottsdale Edition. Here are some of our favorite coffee shops - Scottsdale/Phoenix to grab a morning or afternoon espresso drink.

Press Coffee Roasters: Press Coffee Roasters was rated the best coffee roaster in the Phoenix area by the Phoenix New Times in 2015 and 2016. At each one of the Press Coffee Roasters (there are six including the one at the Scottsdale Quarter that we visited), the coffee roasters celebrate the spirit of community, providing a warm and inviting space for people to connect, exchange ideas, socialize or simply relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Their mission is from that from seed to cup, they provide the highest quality products and services while sharing their knowledge and passion with their customers. We both had an ice latte (it was 105 degrees out) and the Twitch Espresso (Costa Rica with tasting notes of chocolate, peanut butter, big body) was absolutely delicious. They normally offer two different types of espresso and you can pick which espresso you want your drink made with. Definitely a great coffee experience, so we highly recommend making the drive up Scottsdale Road for a stop at Press Coffee Roasters. And while you are up there, be sure to take a lap around Scottsdale Quarter, a beautiful outdoor mall featuring dozens of shops and restaurants.

Altitude Coffee Lab: On our second visit to Scottsdale three years ago we stumbled across Altitude Coffee Lab. And it was delicious. Altitude now has two locations, one in Scottsdale off of North Hayden Rd. and another brand new location in  South Lake Tahoe. From their mission statement, Altitude Coffee Lab is an artisan café/roastery that’s raising the standards for coffee wherever their delicious blends are being served. They are an emerging roasting company offering a fresh take on wholesale coffee procurement. Their knowledgeable roasting staff has over 20 years of experience providing premium roasted coffee. Whether you seek to offer exquisite coffee as an amenity to clients or be supplied with large bulk orders for a full-featured coffee houses, Altitude Coffee Lab will elevate your customer’s coffee experience.

Cartel Coffee Lab: Cartel Coffee Lab has four locations in the Phoenix area (one in Scottsdale and one at the Sky Harbor International Airport) along with two locations in the Tucson area. Cartel Coffee lab's mission statement is: "From seed to cup, specialty coffee is a story involving many people. Our purpose is to invite as many as possible to participate in and learn about this ever-growing narrative. Coffee is our craft; people are our passion." We stopped by the Cartel Coffee Lab in Scottsdale twice, once for an afternoon coffee and the second time for a quick morning breakfast and coffee. While Cartel Coffee doesn't serve actual food, they do have pastries and we might have indulged in a homemade poptart, and trust us, they are worth a cheat day! So delicious. And the coffee is quite good too. the Cartel Coffee Lab is definitely worth a visit!

So there you have it, a roundup of our favorite coffee shops - Scottsdale! We hope you enjoy a great cup of coffee or three at one of our favorites.