Madi's 3rd Birthday Paw-rty


As many of you know on October 29th we celebrated Madi's 3rd Birthday. What exactly do you do for a dogs birthday? Well that is simple, pretty much all the same things you would do for a human birthday party. In addition to our family traditions we typically carry out on Madi's birthday we also had a birthday paw-rty for her!

It is crazy to think how quickly our little fur ball has grown. We can remember when we got her like it was yesterday. One of our favorite and most memorable birthday traditions is to take Madi to Starbucks to get a Puppucchino! This is a tradition we started on Madi's first birthday and I think we look forward to it just as much as she does.


After spending a majority of the day with our fur baby, it was time to get ready for the paw-rty. We had a few tricks up our sleeve including a new tradition we started. A proper birthday party can't exist without a cake, so we baked Madi a Pumpkin Cake with Yogurt Icing courtesy of Puppy Cake.


For Madi's 3rd Birthday Paw-rty we invited 4 of her closest friends, gunkles and baby sitters. It was a beautiful day outside so we decided to decorate our patio for the party and have a barbecue. One of Madi's favorite activities is to play ball so we knew keeping everyone outside would give her a chance to do her favorite activity.


The humans enjoyed hamburgers, salad,  and mac & cheese along with a few adult beverages. Madi was in heaven being the center of attention on her birthday. She took turns each time someone would throw the ball for her by bringing it back to someone else so everyone could have a turn.


After we all enjoyed spending time with Miss Madi, it was time for her to sit down and open her presents. Her dads along with her favorite humans all got her a gift. She took turns sitting on each person's lap while opening her presents. Next it was the moment we had all been waiting for, the cake. Her cake in the shape of a bone was placed on a fancy platter for our little princess. With all of us crowded around, we set the cake down and let her dig in. But we weren't sure if she would rip into it or act like a lady. Surprisingly she was very lady like and slowly started to bite into the cake.


We think Madi's 3rd Birthday Party was a huge success because she was so worn out afterwards that she didn't hardly move off the couch besides to go to the bathroom for almost two whole days. You might be laughing but throwing a doggie birthday party was actually quite a lot of fun. Also we considered it a trial run for when we have kids in the near future.