Cookie DŌ-A New Dessert Obsession

Several people told us the next time we visited New York City that we had to go try Cookie DŌ! Cookie DŌ serves you guessed it cookie dough.  Some of you are probably thinking it isn't safe to consume raw cookie dough. Don't worry this DŌ is safe to eat! Just a warning...once you try this you will be obsessed.


When we were walking down the block leading up to Cookie DŌ near Washington Square Park, we could see the line across the street with at least 50 people waiting in line. Our friends told us to expect about a 45 minute to an hour wait. Nothing was going to detour us from trying this sweet treat! The reason the line forms across the street is that way it doesn't get too crowded outside of the store and it prevents people from getting through the sidewalk to neighboring businesses and residences. You are probably wondering what keeps people from skipping the line? When you get to the front of the line you are given a ticket to hand to the person at the door. So without a ticket, you don't get in. (See their line & closing policy here)


We made our way to the front of the line after about a 45 minute wait. The girl working the line handed us our ticket to get in, and we were off to get our hands on this delicious cookie dough we couldn't wait to try. Once we stepped into the store, we were greeted by a friendly group of employees who asked if they could get us samples of any of their flavors and yes, we may have tried a few. The inside of the store is very cute featuring lots of bright colored polka dots and very similar to an ice cream shop. You go down the line in front of the case where all the flavors are on display, after you make your selection, the cookie dough is then scooped right before your eyes. The line inside moves really quick so be prepared to order pretty quickly.


Cookie DŌ has an expansive menu with 13 different flavors (sugar cookie, gimme s'more, signature chocolate chip, oatmeal and M&M, salty and sweet, and cinnamon roll just to name a few) and an additional 3 rotating seasonal flavors. Besides picking your flavor of cookie dough there are so many ways to get your cookie dough such as a scoop of cookie dough, a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of ice cream, an ice cream sundae, ice cream sandwich Cookie DŌ milkshake and so much more.


During our visit to Cookie DŌ we each opted for a scoop of cookie dough and a scoop of ice cream. Brandon got a scoop of Sugar Cookie with a scoop of Blue Marble Vanilla Ice Cream. I opted for a scoop of Gimme S'more with a scoop of Blue Marble Vanilla Ice Cream.

AHHHHMAZZZING! The cookie dough literally melts in your mouth but be warned it is very rich. It definitely is best to get ice cream with it to help balance out the richness of the cookie dough.

Cookie DŌ also sells their famous cookie dough on their website with nationwide shipping available, I am sure we will be ordering some soon as we absolutely loved this new kind of dessert.

We will definitely be going back here the next time we are in New York City, we promise it is worth the trip and the time!