Our Souvenirs From Vacation-Bags of Coffee

A lot of people purchase knickknacks when they travel. Some of our friends collect key chains, shot glasses and t-shirts. Those touristy knickknacks aren't exactly for us. But as much as love coffee, we have started another tradition instead of souvenirs. Each time we travel to a new city, we seek out the best, most local, often times artisan coffee shops. We've posted our coffee guides for cities like Chicago and Scottsdale here on our blog.


So now each trip we take, we seek out the best coffee and buy a bag or two of their beans to enjoy when we get home. We've brought home bags of coffee beans from coffee shops like Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago, La Colombe in Washington D.C. and Anchorhead Coffee in Seattle.


We love this tradition because we get to drink delicious coffee when we get home from freshly roasted coffee beans while remembering our trip!

What souvenirs do you collect or purchase when you are traveling?